An analysis of the topic of a speech outline on destinys child singing group

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An analysis of the topic of a speech outline on destinys child singing group

No rules can be laid down for a patriot.

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If the fires of love of country burn brightly upon the altar of his heart, it is quite unnecessary to tell the citizen that lie must not betray his republic. Patriotism creates rules can but regulate. The instincts of a brave and generous heart are all but infallible.

Cincinnatus was a plain farmer; but he left his plough and putting himself at the head of the IRoman armies lie saved the empire. Jackson was not a scho- lar, but he saved the honor of his country at New Orleans. To come at once to our business.

We propose briefly to run along the line of our history, and trace the general policy of the American republic under its snecessive administrations. We shall discover that whatever we have gained at home or abroad, that has strengthened our position among the nations, fortified or embellished our history, has been always the fruit of a demo- cratic policy, and been uiainly achieved by Democratic men.

Let us go back for a moment to the days of Jefferson, when the hitherto ideal of Democracy became a reality. Just emerged from the strifes and toils of the Revolutionary struggle, the young Republic was timid.

It had bled for seven years at every pore; and it had been in a death-grapple with the might- iest power on the earth. The conservative men of that period still stood in terror of the name of England.

If she turned a frowning glance this way, the brows of many of our pnrest and best statesmen turned pale. America was already reeognised by other nations, as a new and mighty power. The achieve- ments of the Revolution seemed grander to other nations than to ourselves.

We did not know then what we had done. Even Washington, the political saviour of the country, could not comprehend as none but God could the stupendous results of the Iliad of glory and suffering through which we had just passed. All was misgiving, doubt, anxiety.

What the future might bring no one could tellfew even pretended to conjec- ture.

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Immediately after the Revolution General Knox pri- vately offered Washington a crown in behalf of the army; and it is possible that if he had consented to become king of the Thirteen Colonies, a monarchy might have been established instead of a republic.

But in thinking of those early days we must not look at men, their actions, or at events through our democratic eyes of This republic gave birth to Democracy.

But gigantic as its manly form has since grown, we must make up our minds to find an infant in the cradle if we go back seventy years; al- though we may instinctively look for a Hercules there. The at flome and Abroad.

The Revolution finished, national independence was achieved. This was the sole object of the Declaration of Independence. Our fathers did not fight seven years to set up a democratic republic, but to emancipate the Thirteen Colonies from the tyranny of Great Britain.

Once emancipated, the country chose a republican form of government. This government once established, it became a matter of necessity that it should be inaugurated as a conservative republic, and not a radical one. Radical republics had existed in Greece, in Rome, in Italy. But they had lapsed first into anarchy and then into intolerable despotisms.

The great question was, Can America sustain a republic? Are we ready to be free? A very pertinent ques- tion, for no nation, except the Swiss, had ever been ready for liberty when it came, although an hundred had been ready and able to achieve it.

To get liberty, however, is an easy task compared with that harder afterwork of keeping the jewel which heaven lets fall into the hands of the brave. But the republic was proclaimed. As such we started off; and took our place in the constellation of states.

That place was at once cordially given to us, a post of honor, and that place we have kept. The next great questions which arise are, How have we preserved the position we first took as a feeble republic, which had just weathered the tempests of a seven years war?

How have we risen from that doubtful posi- tion of dependance and sufferance, to become not only one of the first powers of the earth, but the one towards which, of all others, among the rocking states of Christendom, statesmen and mankind everywhere look, as the torch-bearer of civilization to all mankind.

This is our present position: How have we won it?Apr 20,  · please read before you proceed if my blog causes you personal mental trauma then good because you all caused me mental, physical and soul trauma theyr is no justice & if i have written about you on my blog and your crimes are reminders to you of .

Speech class and oral presentations have Looking back on the myriad of experiences I have engaged in during my time as facilitated my con idence resulting in giving excellent campus tours.

As Student an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina, I have found one Ambassador President I oversee activities and train new ambassadors.

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An analysis of the topic of a speech outline on destinys child singing group
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