Grand canyon essay contest results

Since Thursday, 25 local strike teams consisting of over firefighters have been battling the Camp and Woolsey fires, according to the Alameda County Fire Department.

Grand canyon essay contest results

West Addison Currently Verizon is conducting a sweepstakes that is limited to account holders of Verizon wireless plans. The official rules are here: Since a Verizon wireless plan costs a nontrivial amount of money, I wonder whether this is legal.

Grand canyon essay contest results

What is your view? West Addison Hi, Greg, Thanks for your reply. If you were looking through the rules for an alternate way of entering that did not require having a Verizon wireless account, I read through them pretty carefully and found no such free method.

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Exactly when the Verizon account had to be in effect is unclear: However, I find several problems with that argument: I was also informed by a staff member in the Verizon tent that it was not possible to enter without being a Verizon subscriber.

So has Verizon found a major loophole in the law? Or are they just flouting the law? Greg Rafflecopter Hey West — thanks for the details. I agree with your points you made above and certainly would never advise someone to run a sweepstakes like this unless you had a legal team on your side to draft this up.

However, it seems to me it is the same as saying you must make a purchase. Other companies like T-mobile do this too. My question would be who do we pose a question like this to?

Xav Von Darkson It is three years later, but I just read this now.

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It appears this is a contest, because the winner needs to be an account holder to enter. A sweepstakes drawing would have no purchase to enter. A contest or a promotion would have these rules attached for entry.

There should also have been a way to enter without a purchase necessary, since it is a sweepstakes. It appears this is an offer or promotion for customers, only. I called to speak to a verizon Smart rewards rep and she kept telling me you had to have a smart rewards account to enter, I read the rules, I think she totally ignored me.

I finally said I believe that is a Federal law, she put me on hold, then just said she should have her email address on the card and that would work. But I am still bothered by the working of this document. The question was for Greg, not West Addison, sorry for any confusion!

I think she might have ignored you because she and her supervisor were too detached from the promotion to be of much help. Any chance you have a link to where the promotion is taking place or a copy of the document? Cari Durecki You have to be logged in to get to the sweepstakes info. I copied the text of the pop up window for the official rules and pasted them into a word doc, then converted that to jpg to get it to upload.

Cari Durecki So technically you would never see this sweepstakes offer of no purchase necessary unless you are logged in as a Verizon customer. I have my mom on my plan, so I thought she should be able to send in entries too, since she also has a Verizon phone. I tried to make a seperate account for her phone number but it said that number already had an account under my name.

I was just wondering if she is wasting time and money on stamps with no chance to win. I hate for her to spend the money on stamps if she would be disqualified and has no chance.

The paper work says you get entries for each mail in entry, and are allowed up to 4 a day entries. So that seemed like much better odds than the lottery. This site has been interesting to read! Greg Rafflecopter Awesome — thanks for posting those rules.

I think her mail-in entries would be legitimately counted in the entry pool. Hopefully our responses have helped.

If you have any other questions, please stop back and let us know. I see how it could greatly benefit you if it were figured out.ASEC currently owns and operates the Grand Canyon State Games, The Lori Piestewa National Native American Games, The Arizona Sports Hall of Fame, the Tucson Fall Festival Pickleball Championship and the GCSG Annual Pickleball Championship.

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The official homepage of Hank the Cowdog. A series of humorous children's mystery novels, written by John R. Erickson and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes. Understand the verbiage and definition of the phrase 'No Purchase Necessary' in regards to running your next giveaway or sweepstakes promotion.

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