Improving organization retention paper essay

Most of the dealers have been leaving the casino to work at other casinos in the area, even though JC? On several exit interviews, many of the dealers have cited the pit boss, Joe, as being? Joe is the casino owner? Among the housekeeping staff, there has been an above normal rate of absenteeism and high turnover of rooms.

Improving organization retention paper essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Improving Organization Retention Paper Essay Sample In the past few years the state of Pennsylvania has made an effort to boot their economy by allowing gambling. This establishment is state of the art in all aspects.

It follows all state and federal laws, including being an equal opportunity employer, excellent wage rates, benefits, and has a great reputation for career advancement. The management staff has recently decided to contract an independent consultant to address this issue.

This paper includes the findings addressing theories of motivation and how they can be applied in order to improve employee recruitment and retention, explores possible occupational stressors and influencing job satisfaction that are negatively influencing recruitment and retention, as well as discuss counterproductive employee behavior occurring at the casino.

Motivation Theories Interview Analysis As reported by the human resources department HR and the director of housekeeping the main issues that are plaguing this organization is directly related to employee satisfaction. The poor satisfaction rate among dealers and housekeepers has decreased the quantity and quality within the workforce and has created a gap between employee and management.

To narrow the domain, an analysis of the exit interviews were in order, this proved to be informative and gave insight into the main issues Spector, Once the analysis was completed, a further investigation with dealers and housekeepers still employed by the organization has given solidarity to the findings found from the exit interview documentation.

This process has proven to be an effective method, yielding results that have been affecting employee morale and satisfaction. The actions of this single individual is currently causing dealers to harbor uneasy feelings, including being unsafe in their working environment.

The relationship this individual shares with the owner has proven to be a deterrent in solving the issue.

Improving organization retention paper essay

These complaints seem to stem from an understaffed department and emphasized by excessive absenteeism. Incentive Theory The results from the interview analysis suggest action must be taken in order to reduce and ultimately recover from the present issues plaguing the organization.

Improving organization retention paper essay

One strategy recommended would be to improve motivation. The most common motivation would be to introduce an incentive program. An incentive program in conjunction with the current pay rate will stimulate recruitment and encourage retention among current employees. The incentive program should be based around performance achieving goals within and prolonged existence with the organization.

The incentive strategy can take on many different forms that consist of monetary and non-monetary incentives. Monetary incentives can include things such as pay raises and bonuses for individual and department achievements.

These monetary rewards coupled with what is already considered an excellent base pay can and will produce the desired results.Improving Organization Retention Paper You are an independent consultant who has recently been hired by JC?s Casino to help improve retention issues concerning the dealers and housekeepers.

Most of the dealers have been leaving the casino to work at other casinos in the area, even though JC?s Casino pays better than their local competition.

Improving Organization Retention Paper Delirium can be caused by of exposure to toxins, use of or withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, electrolyte imbalances, high body temperatures, or medical illness (Hansell & Damour, ).

Improving Organization Retention Paper JC’s casino is a lovely resort where people go to stay and enjoy themselves. The JC’s casino has a supportive work environment that offers equal opportunity to the employees, they are offered excellent wages, good benefits and have the opportunity for advancement within the company.

Science Term Papers: Improving Organization Retention Paper. Improving Job Satisfaction. Spector (), “job satisfaction is an attitudinal variable that reflects how people feel about their jobs overall, as well as various aspects of the jobs” (p.

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). Free Essay: Improving Organization Retention Paper PSY/ Organization Retention Paper Organizations often experiences staffing issues; therefore, one. Improving Organization Retention Paper PSY/ Organization Retention Paper Organizations often experiences staffing issues; therefore, one department will be asked to cover for another.

However, these issues can be generated from several aspects within an organization such as staffing issues, financial issues, and organization retention.

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