Unemployment in india causes

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Unemployment in india causes

In India caste system is prevalent. The work is prohibited for specific castes in some areas. In many cases, the work is not given to the deserving candidates but given to the person belonging to a particular community.

So this gives rise to unemployment. Indian economy is underdeveloped and role of economic growth is very slow. This slow growth fails to provide enough unemployment opportunities to the increasing population.

Constant increase in population has been a big problem in India. It is one of the main causes of unemployment.

The rate of unemployment is Agriculture is underdeveloped in India. It provides seasonal employment. Large part of population is dependent on agriculture. But agriculture being seasonal provides work for a few months. In big families having big business, many such persons will be available who do not do any work and depend on the joint income of the family.

Many of them seem to be working but they do not add anything to production. So they encourage disguised unemployment. The industrial development had adverse effect on cottage and small industries.

The production of cottage industries began to fall and many artisans became unemployed. The rate of industrial growth is slow.

Though emphasis is laid on industrialisation yet the avenues of employment created by industrialisation are very few. There is inadequate capital in India. Above all, this capital has been judiciously invested. Investment depends on savings.

Due to shortage of savings and investment, opportunities of employment have not been created. Inadequate availability of means of production is the main cause of under employment.

People do not get employment for the whole year due to shortage of electricity, coal and raw materials.

Defective planning is the one of the cause of unemployment. There is wide gap between supply and demand for labour. No Plan had formulated any long term scheme for removal of unemployment. The number of universities has increased manifold. There are universities. As a result of this educated unemployment or white collar unemployment has increased.

Unemployment in india causes

Due to lack of irrigation, large area of land can grow only one crop in a year. Farmers remain unemployed for most time of the year. Mobility of labour in India is low. Due to attachment to the family, people do not go to far off areas for jobs.

Factors like language, religion, and climate are also responsible for low mobility. Immobility of labour adds to unemployment.

All these factors add to unemployment.Even though India has experienced a high growth period in the last 15 years but its employment elasticity has remained on lower side. The period is sometimes termed as Jobless growth period.

Following are the reasons for unemployment in India. Unemployment in India: Types, Causes and Solution Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On November 28, By Gyan Unemployment is a situation where in the person willing to work fails to find a job that earns them living.

India Unemployment Rate In India, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.

This page provides - India Unemployment Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. The main causes of unemployment in India are a rapidly growing population and limited land.

This country had a population of billion people by the end of and is expected to be the most populous country by , overtaking China, which had a . Unemployment on rise in India - Statistics and reasons of unemployment in India shows different types, nature and percentage rate of unemployed women that is more as compared to men.

There are seven causes of unemployment. It also occurred once workers in China and India gained the skills needed by American companies. The higher unemployment causes consumer demand to drop even more, which is why it’s cyclical.

It results in large-scale unemployment. Examples include the.

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